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southern angel's humor
  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - it was the age of retching and fevers. It was the epoch of congestion and influenza - it was the season of sneezes and Jell-O. Yes, it's a Tale of Sick Kiddies!
  • Gertie Has Answers to Those Questions that Make You Go, "Hmm"!
  • Cell phones can distract a driver, yes, but we moms have many MANY more things that make us Driven to Distraction!!
  • Got a couch? They're used for more than mere sitting - they're a social necessity being used for anything like, a conversational piece, sleeping place for angry spouses, a trysting place, a loafing place and a porch decoration. Read more: Sofa Loafin' to share!
  • I'd like to introduce you to my Uncle Oscar and some of his new friends in, "Uncle Oscar and the Possums."
  • There aren't too many football widows here in the South because we love The Thrill of the Game.
    food humor and recipes
  • Delicious, inexpensive, and easy describe bacon grease. Check out my "Ode to Bacon Grease"
  • What can you do with that luscious bacon grease? Check out my Bacon Grease Recipes!
  • All of my life I have been chicken of dumplings and I didn't know the difference between Northern chicken and dumplings and Southern chicken and dumplings. Do you?
  • Dumpling Recipes: Want dumplings? I got a bunch!
  • With a death, there's Much Ado about the Food
  • Girl Scout Cookie Recipes: Do you have 42 cases of Girl Scout cookies and don't know what to do? I have great ideas, recipes, and tips!
  • inspirations and devotions
  • In our current day, idols are no longer made of stone. They range from electronics to living beings, and present us with a quick fix to overcome the obstacles and temptations that we think we need - no one can serve two masters. What Will Be Your Legacy?
  • How many times have we stopped for a moment to take a deep breath and inhale a thrill to our senses? That's God.
  • What exactly is doing God's will? Find out by reading God's Will (& Won't)
  • In 2001, as I counted down the last weeks of my pregnancy, I don't know what will happen, but I do know that my Father will take care of me ... and this small miracle rolling around behind my belly button. Each new day I face with hope
  • The power of being held by a loved one can soothe the tempest of pain and fear. "Hold Me"
  • Hey kids, arm yourself with the Armor of God!
  • For more inspirational stories, visit my INSPIRATION PAGE.
  • For info on God's true love, read my "Sinner's Prayer" page.
  • more stuff!
  • Who is Southern Angel? Is she nuts? Where'd she come from? Find out in A History of Southern Angel
  • If you're feeling fragile, goofy, moody, or needing to squeal like a pig, then you need the "I Have Issues" coffee mug!
  • Check out my wacky Cafe Press items.
  • For down-to-earth, straight from the armpit free advice, y'all need to meet our own Southern know-it-all, Gertrude Butterbean (aka Gravel Gertie), and read her Wisdom from the Salt Lick!
  • For everything you need to know about wrestling, I have a WHOLE directory for you to peruse! Visit my Wrestling Section.

  • southern humorists we cover the south like kudzu


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