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Angel's Favorite Funny Folks

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Kudzu Queen

I'm the Queen of Kudzu!

Born Again!
I've gathered some summertime favorites like cloud formations, the politics of beans, critter chasin', berry pickin', zucchini and bologna recipes and more for yer enjoyment. So tip back yer ball cap, grab a glass of lemonade, and get to clickin'!

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southern angel's humor
  • Gertie has all your answers about cloud formations in Cloudin' Up a Storm!
  • When you live out in the country, there's one thing you can count on: The Certainty of Critters
  • With this being an election year, you might want to read this emotional "town meeting" on an explosive topic ... beans. Bean Legislation
  • "I'm driving." Those two words - when uttered by my then 16 year-old son Josh - set off a stink similar to a Second Civil War. Read on in Driving Me Crazy.
  • They bark, eat off the floor, chase the mailman, and can wreck a room in less than 15 seconds. Puppies, right? Yes and no. Find out more in The Varmint Revelation.
  • food humor and recipes
  • Summertime in Alabama signals that it's time to go Pickin' Berries
  • Bologna Recipes: Bologna? It's not just for breakfast any more! Click here for the bounty of bologna recipes.
  • Living High on the Stalk: A nostalgic (and goofy) look at all the wonderful stuff corn offers.
  • Here are some great ideas for your independence day celebration ... July Recipes
  • A Mid-Summer Southern Supper: A menu idea for those fresh mid-summer veggies
  • During the summer, we have zucchini practically coming out of our ears! I've found some Zucchini Recipes (some old - some new) that use this squash in all kinds of yummy ways!
  • inspirations and devotions
  • That early spring Sunday began with eggs, biscuits, gravy, and prayer when we set off to do our Chores of the Heart
  • The power of being held by a loved one can soothe the tempest of pain and fear. "Hold Me"
  • In every mom's life, there are times when we worry, and what's most comforting is that we're In His Hands
  • In our current day, idols are no longer made of stone. They range from electronics to living beings, and present us with a quick fix to overcome the obstacles and temptations that we think we need - no one can serve two masters. What Will Be Your Legacy?
  • For more inspirational stories, visit my INSPIRATION PAGE.
  • For info on God's true love, read my "Sinner's Prayer" page.
  • more stuff!
  • Who is Southern Angel? Is she nuts? Where'd she come from? Find out in A History of Southern Angel
  • Check out my wacky Cafe Press items.
  • For down-to-earth, straight from the armpit free advice, y'all need to meet our own Southern know-it-all, Gertrude Butterbean (aka Gravel Gertie), and read her Wisdom from the Salt Lick!
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  • southern humorists we cover the south like kudzu


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