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southern angel's humor
  • The dog days of summer have all kinds of fascinating superstitions and oddities, the oddest one being how I kept ending up in the doghouse! Read why in " Doggone Doghouse Days of Summer"!
  • Gertie's Cloudin' up a Storm!
  • Is Labor Day about labor? Why celebrate work? Find out by reading The Labors of Labor Day.
  • Hey, wanna cool off, but don't know how? Click HERE!
  • Gertie Shares Her Heartfelt Thoughts about Underwear!
  • Fishing on TV is too complicated and it ain't how I was taught. Read on to learn all about Backwater Fishin'!
  • food humor and recipes
  • Surely you didn't think that was just plain innocent pie? Didn't you know that Momma performed Pie Therapy on you?
  • Poke Salet is the Versatile Veggie.
  • Fried Chicken, it's a Southern Thang. Why? Click here to read "The Fowl of the South"
  • Apple Recipes: Fall means that it's APPLE SEASON! Click here for some wonderful apple recipes and links!
  • Chicken Recipes I: Everything Mexican to Italian to plain ol' Southern chicken recipes!
  • During the summer, we have zucchini practically coming out of our ears! I've found some Zucchini Recipes (some old - some new) that use this squash in all kinds of yummy ways!
  • inspirations and devotions
  • A DEDICATION TO MY HUSBAND, PAUL: Those hands held mine as he asked me to be his wife; blushing, I told him to get off his knees. On the day I became his wife, he pulled me close and nervously kissed me....
  • I thought giving to receive was nuts until I had to Let Go of the Baby Clothes.
  • Hey kids, arm yourself with the Armor of God!
  • John 15:13, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." This was demonstrated over and over on 9/11/2001: No Greater Love
  • For more inspirational stories, visit my INSPIRATION PAGE.
  • For info on God's true love, read my "Sinner's Prayer" page.
  • more stuff!
  • Who is Southern Angel? Is she nuts? Where'd she come from? Find out in A History of Southern Angel
  • If you're feeling fragile, goofy, moody, or needing to squeal like a pig, then you need the "I Have Issues" coffee mug!
  • Check out my wacky Cafe Press items.
  • For down-to-earth, straight from the armpit free advice, y'all need to meet our own Southern know-it-all, Gertrude Butterbean (aka Gravel Gertie), and read her Wisdom from the Salt Lick!
  • For everything you need to know about wrestling, I have a WHOLE directory for you to peruse! Visit my Wrestling Section.

  • southern humorists we cover the south like kudzu


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